Our Staff

A phone call to Montclair Surgical Associates will be answered by a member of our capable staff, cross-trained as much as possible to answer questions and address patient needs. Within this overall framework, however, several have special areas of expertise and responsibility.

Our front office is capably staffed by Brianna Morera, Bernice Santiago, and Konny Rodriguez. They are responsible for greeting patients, preparing charts for office hours, handling phone calls and all other front office responsibilities, making visits as pleasant and comfortable as possible for our patients.

Our medical assistant is responsible for assisting our doctors during office hours, moving competently from small procedures to follow-up visits and routine pre and post-op care. Their clinical experience allows them to answer phone calls from patients that are beyond the scope of the secretarial staff. They will answer medical questions, prescription refills, handle test results, and supply medical records.

Aida Ortega is our Practice Manager, and has been with us since 2007. She started as a Medical Assistant and is now responsible for managing all the details of the office. She lends a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team. Aida strives to make sure the entire office operates smoothly. She can answer any questions you may have ranging from medical concerns to billing issues. Aida is always accessible to answer any questions or concerns.

Ana Lopez coordinates the schedule for our busy surgeons. She books all elective surgeries, arranging for pre-admission testing, medical clearance, and pre-certification when necessary. Every effort is made to take into account the wishes of patients and their families to make scheduling as smooth as possible. A yearly calendar detailing all surgeries, conferences, vacations and meetings is never allowed to stray far from her desk.

At the Center for Advanced Bariatric Surgery, Kelli Hanzo, RN, BSN serves as our hardworking Program Manager. Toni Pettinato, RN, Carol McGrath, RN and Betsy Meece, RN are our Bariatric Nurse Clinical Specialists. Katie Gorman, RD serves as our Nutrition Coordinator. Pamela Diaz and Lisette Mastropole are our Insurance Coordinators while Myra Pensamiento serves as Administrative Assistant. They are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team that developed and maintains our Center of Excellence, as designated by the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

Josephine Puchalski handles all of the transcription service for the group. Often coming in early and leaving late, she goes the extra mile to make sure all of the doctors’ notes and letters are completed accurately and in timely fashion.